Dawn-Elissa Fischer, Africana Studies, San Francisco State University

Hip Hop, Race and Politics

Blackness, Race and Politics in Japanese Hip Hop

Monday, September 28, 12 noon, 206 Ingraham Hall

Hip Hop, Human Rights and the Promise of a New Transnational Social Movement

Monday, September 28, 7pm, 1100 Grainger

DAWN-ELISSA FISCHER is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Africana Studies at San Francisco State University, where she teaches courses on black popular culture, digital research design and visual ethnography. Dr. Fischer has worked on a number of different community-based campaigns using Hiphop to address issues of voter disenfranchisement, gender based violence, literacy and the digital divide. For over 15 years, she has been traveling within and outside of the United States, committing herself to academic and political work. She has studied and worked with Hiphop social movement organizations internationally in Japan, South Africa, Tanzania, Senegal, Sweden, China, Norway, Cuba, Jamaica and Russia. Dr. Fischer is the executive director of Edutainment4Life, Inc. (an NGO dedicated to life skills and self- help of underserved children and families) and she serves on the advisory board of HOTGIRLS–Helping Our Teen Girls In Real Life Situations, Inc. (an NGO dedicated to health & HIV/AIDS education for black girls directed by Dr. Carla Stokes). She is a cofounder of the National Hip Hop Political Convention. She is a founding staff member of the Hiphop Archive, directed by Dr. Marcyliena Morgan at Harvard University, and she co-produced the Hiphop Archive’s first film, “Nihon Style” with filmmaker Bianca White.