Lavie Raven, Kenwood Academy

Graffiti Art

“Graffiti Art: Past, Present, and Future from a Practitioner’s Perspective”

Monday, October 19, 7 pm, 1100 Grainger

“Boldly Braiding: Hip Hop Arts Integrated Community Projects”

Tuesday, October 20, 5:30 pm, 204 Educational Sciences Building

LAVIE RAVEN is a social studies and language arts instructor at Kenwood Academy (a Chicago public high school), and the Minister of Education for the University of Hip-Hop. Raven has created strategies for applying hip-hop as community service and classroom education, and has worked with youth on many community hip-hop arts programs and social justice projects. As one of the founders of the University of Hip-Hop, a multi-disciplinary school of the street arts, he helped to create a dozen charter branches that serve youth across the city of Chicago and throughout the nation. In his experience as an educator Raven has assisted youth in addressing issues of social justice through the public arts and community service-learning projects. As a mural artist he has worked with youth to create murals that have been displayed at museums, cultural centers, and community organizations. Raven provides youth with a multi-disciplinary approach toward life that holistically engages their academic skills, celebrates their talents and artistic abilities, and empowers their desire to bring positive change to society.