Joseph Schloss, Department of Music, New York University

B-Boy Ethnography: Theory, Character and the Deep Principles of Hip Hop

“‘Break on the Break’: Movement, Ethnicity, and the Aesthetic of Hip Hop Composition”

Monday, November 2, 12 noon, 206 Ingrham Hall

“‘The Big Break’ Theory: DJs, Dancers and the Birth of Hip Hop”

Monday, November 2, 7pm, 1100 Grainger Hall

JOSEPH G. SCHLOSS is a Visiting Scholar & Adjunct Assistant Professor of Music at New York University, and was recently named the 2009 Hip-Hop Scholar of the Year by Words, Beats and Life, Inc. A past recipient of the Society for Ethnomusicology’s Charles Seeger Prize, Schloss is the author of Making Beats: The Art of Sample-Based Hip-Hop (Wesleyan University Press: 2004), which won the International Association for the Study of Popular Music’s 2005 book award, and Foundation: B-Boys, B-Girls and Hip-Hop Culture in New York (Oxford University Press: 2009).