Lina Moses, Ebola Survivor Corps

No Regrets Epidemic Response: Making People Matter

Thursday, April 28, 6:30pm, Room 1305, Health Sciences Learning Center

A woman smiles generously at the camera. She has dark brown hair that she wears pulled behind her head in a ponytail and bangs across her forehead. She wears a bright coral button-down shirt that features a small white floral pattern. Around her neck hangs a beaded necklace in tones of red, yellow, white, and black. Her ears are adorned by small silver hoops and small studs. She stands outside in a lush green environment with fuchsia flora behind her right shoulder.DR. LINA MOSES is an epidemiologist with a primary interest is in the disease ecology of viral zoonoses, utilizing population biology, ecology and epidemiological methods to understand macro-level pathogen/host interactions and monitor reservoir host populations. The ultimate goal of her research is to develop community-level interventions to halt animal-to-human transmission. Moses has been involved in Tulane’s Lassa Fever Program since 2006 and currently directs community and ecology-based research projects. She has overseen district-wide serosurveys, community prevention interventions, case investigations and contact tracing, and observational epidemiological and ecological studies partnered with the Kenema Government Hospital’s ecology and community outreach teams. Moses received her PhD. from Tulane University’s School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine with trans-disciplinary training in community health, environmental health and tropical medicine in 2012.