2023 Recipient

Lukas Althoff & Hugo Reichardt

A man smiles directly into the camera. His short white blond hair stands in contrast to his mustache and beard, which is an ash blond hue and worn close to his face. He wears a crisp button-down shirt featuring a white-and-blue pinstripe. Behind him, one can see the suggestion of green foliage from trees.

Lukas Althoff is a Post-Doctoral Fellow at Stanford University and will join the Yale School of Management as an Assistant Professor of Economics in 2024. He completed his PhD at Princeton University in 2023. His research draws on tools from applied microeconomics and economic history to analyze the causes and consequences of economic inequality.



A man stands perpendicular to the camera, with his head turned to his right as he smiles at the viewer. His wavy red hair is worn short and brushed back from his forehead. His mustache is a lighter red color than his beard, which are both worn close to his face. He wears dark tortoiseshell eyeglasses that feature rectangular lenses. His waffle-weave shirt is charcoal gray. He is positioned before a light gray background.

Hugo Reichardt is a PhD candidate in economics at the London School of Economics. His research centres on macroeconomics and inequality with a particular focus on the drivers of inequality. Examples of his work in this area study the role of technology discrimination and (the lack of) intergenerational mobility in shaping inequality.



2023 Winner: Jim Crow and Black Economic Progress After Slavery