Workers’ Views of Working in Wisconsin

This event has passed.

Online via Zoom
@ 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

This event was presented in collaboration with COWS.

In celebration of Labor Day and the release of the Working Wisconsin 2023 report, workers from the service sector will discuss their experiences of what it’s been like to labor in 2023, a year marked by record-low unemployment in the state and increasing evidence of workers’ demands for improvements in work. This panel is a chance to hear directly from workers actively engaged in workplace organizing and efforts to improve employment in the state. These worker leaders will reflect on what’s going on at their worksites, how they would like to see work change, and how their coworkers are responding to efforts to organize.

  • Thomas Wynn – Security Guard, Fiserv Forum (Steward, MASH)
  • Kayli Humphry – Event Staff Lead, Pabst Theater Group (Chief Steward, MASH)
  • Troy Brewer – Cook, Fiserv Forum (Steward, MASH) 
  • Jack Savin – Barista, Starbucks on State St (Organizing Committee, Workers United)
  • Abigail Marcus – Barista, Starbucks on State St (Organizing Committee, Workers United)

  • Daniela Jaime – Lead Construction Organizer, Worker Justice Wisconsin

  • Marlon Palacios – insulator
  • Yeison Palacios – insulator