Working Wisconsin 2022: What’s Motivating Worker Organizing in Wisconsin

This event has passed.

@ 2:30 pm - 4:00 pm

This event was presented in collaboration with COWS.

2022 has been a banner year for workers demanding more of work nationally and in Wisconsin. COWS’ State of Working Wisconsin this year features that work and this panel is a chance to hear directly from the workers who are at the forefront of these efforts. In celebration of Labor Day, this panel of worker/organizers will share their views on what’s changed at work and for workers to make this organizing possible, the problems with work and management that these new unions will solve, and how co-workers and management are responding to these campaigns. The panel will include Wisconsin workers from recent and important drives to improve jobs in the state in health care, coffee shops, entertainment venues, and more.


Troy Brewer, Cook, Chief Steward and Treasurer of Milwaukee Area Service and Hospitality Workers Unions (MASH)

Connor Erickson, Event Lead Pabst Theater Group (PTG), and active member of MASH

Victoria Gutierrez, nurse and active member of SEIU HC WI

Mary Jorgensen, nurse and active unionization effort organizer

James Stapleton, Event Staff and active member of MASH – PTG

Frida Ballard, organizer – Worker Justice Wisconsin

Evelia, seamstress – Crushin’ It Apparel

Delia, housekeeper – Madison, WI hotel