Peter Hurst

Social Injustice in the Global Food Chain: Labor Rights & Working Conditions in Agriculture

Social Injustice and Hired Agricultural Workers in the Global Food Chain

Tuesday, October 7, 4pm, 206 Ingraham

The Global Food Chain and Child Labor Elimination in Agriculture and Fisheries

Wednesday, October 8, 4pm, 8417 Social Science

Open Seminar for Students, Faculty and Public

Thursday, October 9, 12:20 pm, 8108 Social Science

“Sustainable Agriculture, Fair Trade and Cooperatives”

Friday, October 10, 7pm, Goodman Community Center, Boltz Room A

Co-sponsored by Global Studies, the UW Center for Cooperatives, and the UW Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems.

A man stands outside in the bright sun. In the background, one sees a field with orange flora, and green & brown hills and mountains beyond. The man has a wide smile. He has short white hair on the sides of his head. He wears a light-blue chambray button-down shirt with pockets on the front. One pocket contains two pens peeking out from it. The man appears to stand with his left hand resting on his hip.PETER HURST has 23 years of international experience in over over 90 countries dealing with a wide spectrum of labor-related agricultural issues in the global food chain. His activities remain focused on: labor rights, standards, and working conditions for workers in agriculture, including migrant workers; sustainable agriculture, rural development, and world food security; the elimination of child labor; and safety, health, environmental, and pollution prevention issues, with a special focus on pesticides. Peter continues to work, train and publish extensively on these subjects for a range of governments, international organisations, trade unions, private companies, and NGOs. He is currently working in Malawi, especially with the National Association of Smallholder Farmers, on promoting youth employment in agriculture; and on health, safety and migrant workers’ issues with the National Fisheries Association of Thailand.