Pete Ramand, Radical Independence Campaign

After the Scottish Independence Referendum: Nationalism, Class & the Future of Scotland & Britain

Thursday, Oct. 2, 1:00 pm, 8108 Social Science

A man with black hair, mustache, and beard stands outside on a wintry day. He wears black half-rimmed Rayban sunglasses, a white and green wide-striped scarf, and a gray winter coat whose hood is lined with fur. Snow-coated trees can be seen in the background.PETE RAMAND is the co-author of YES: The Radical Case for Scottish Independence (Pluto Press, February 2014) and is the editor of Old Nations, Auld Enemies, New Times: The Selected Works of Tom Nairn (Luath Press, September 2014). He is a co-founder of the Radical Independence Campaign – the non-nationalist movement for Scottish sovereignty – and has worked as a coordinator for this campaign for the last two years.