Melissa R. Michelson, Menlo College

Contemporary Latino Politics from DREAMers to Voters

Mobilizing Inclusion: Getting Out the Latino Vote

Tuesday, April 21, 4pm, 206 Ingraham Hall

Living the DREAM: The Political Lives of Undocumented Latino Youth

Wednesday, April 22, 4pm, 8417 Social Science

Open Seminar for Students, Faculty & Public

Thursday, April 23, 12:20pm, 8108 Social Science

A woman with curly shoulder-length dark hair stands outside. She is smiling at the camera. She wears a purple blouse featuring a white floral pattern and a navy blazer adorned with 3 pins.MELISSA R. MICHELSON is Professor of Political Science at Menlo College. She received her B.A. in political science from Columbia University in 1990, master’s degrees from Yale University in 1991 and 1994, and her Ph.D. from Yale University in 1994. Her major strands of research include Latino political incorporation, field experiments in voter mobilization of ethnic and racial minorities, and field experiments on fostering attitudinal change on polarized political issues such as same-sex marriage. She is co-author of the award winning book Mobilizing Inclusion: Redefining Citizenship through Get-Out-the-Vote Campaigns (New Haven: Yale University Press, 2012), as well as Living the Dream: New Immigration Policies and the Lives of Undocumented Latino Youth (Paradigm Publishers, September 2014). She is currently working on another book manuscript, Listen, We Need to Talk, contracted with Yale University Press, which uses field experiments to explore how to generate attitudinal change on contentious political issues such as same-sex marriage. She has published dozens of articles in peer-reviewed academic journals and a dozen chapters in edited volumes. In her spare time Dr. Michelson knits and runs marathons.