Jane Kleeb, Bold Nebraska

The Enbridge Tarsands Invasion

Wednesday, April 13, 6:30pm, Lowell Center, 610 Langdon St.

A woman with short auburn hair looks off to her right smiling. She wears a blue baseball cap with a frayed khaki bill. The cap has logo on the front with a ball shape trimmed in red and blue that reads "bill". Around her neck, a gray scarf is wrapped. Behind her, a green and yellow landscape can be seen.Come hear Jane Kleeb, Bold Nebraska’s pipeline fighter, former State Rep. Spencer Black, and landowner Mark Borchardt about the tar sands fight here in Wisconsin!

By mobilizing an unlikely coalition of ranchers, tribal members, environmentalists and others, Bold Nebraska’s victory over the Keystone XL pipeline offers hope and encouragement to those of us working to protect Wisconsin from an Enbridge pipeline invasion. Now it’s our turn. Learn about this major new pipeline expansion here at home and how we can follow Jane’s lead in defeating it.